Accessories for an effective towing company

As a tow truck operator at any towing company, you will often receive distress calls from motorists who need roadside assistance or vehicle recovery. No matter the reason for the call, you need to be well prepared for the job. Some may involve towing large trucks and thus proper equipment and accessories are important.

towing company provides tow on flatbed truck

Towing company tools on their Tow trucks

If a towing company is towing a trailer it will mean that it has to be connected to the tow truck by a hitch. This is usually mounted to the chassis of the tow truck. Hitches can be permanent and will have a ball mount that is permanent. They can also be temporary with a ball mount that is removable. The role of the ball mount is to enable the trailer to turn along the tow truck. Tools are a necessity when towing. They are utilized when hooking up the tow truck and the trailer. They are also important to be on standby in case of any situation. A proper toolbox with all the necessary tools is a better way of preparing for a towing company. A toolbox centralizes your tools, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Ramps and liftgates

The traditional way of loading cargo in a truck is by lifting. This is however not possible for a car at the scene of an accident or heavy cargo. A liftgate is used to make the lifting of cargo hustle free. You don’t have a liftgate? Don’t worry as we have another alternative recommendation. That is the ramp. With a ramp, you can easily drag the cargo into the trailer. A ramp is also very useful in getting a car up the trailer by a little towing to get it onto the flatbed.


It is very dangerous to allow the car wreck you are moving and other cargo to keep moving in the trailer when transporting. If the cargo keeps shifting in the truck, it damages the trailer. It also causes the truck to sway along the way which exposes one to bad accidents. The easiest way to prevent this is by securing them in place using tie-downs. They can be a rope, bungee codes or straps. A better option is using ratchet straps since they come with a locking option to make them tight and secure.

Reflectors and tow lights

Towing a long vehicle along the highway at night is challenging for a towing company. The problem not only lies with the difficulty of handling the load but the danger it all poses. If the load at the rear of the truck is not clearly visible to other motorists, it can lead to accidents. There have been cases of other cars ramming into tow trucks due to visibility. It can be sorted by ensuring the truck and load are both visible. This can be achieved using reflectors and towing lights at the rear of the load. The lights will also act in alerting other drivers when the truck is about to make a turn or stop.

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