Private property towing in San Francisco

Across the world, there have been a myriad of stories from motorists involving unscrupulous towing companies. These companies are either extorting citizens or not following regulations issued by the government bodies. San Francisco is not an exception and thus creating a need to have the industry regulated. This is especially true when it involves private property towing.

Private Property Towing Regulations

This city has regulations that are required to be adhered to by every driver or resident. Its common knowledge that regulations are meant to bring order in all operations, including parking lots across the SF city. One company that has a perfect track record of towing legally is San Francisco Bay Area Towing. This comany follows all the regulations.The main enforcer is the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) who must be involved in any issue dealing with towing. For instance, no property owner can have a vehicle towed from their property without notifying the SFPD. In fact, the notification has to be received by the department an hour prior to the towing process. Similarly, each towing company must also ensure they notify the department within half an hour upon towing of a vehicle. They can also notify within 15 minutes once the vehicle arrives at the storing facility.

When a car can be towed

Deciding that you want a vehicle towed is not a pleasant experience. Many people feel that they will be haunted by the reaction of the vehicle owner finding out about their vehicle. However, property owners have every right to take control of parking in their premises. This right requires that each property owner creates awareness about the possibility of being towed. This is in case the parking regulations are breached. Ensure you check all the notices before leaving your vehicle. In the event that you feel you parked correctly and still find your vehicle towed, read the signs. Even after being towed, you have the right to get your car back from the towing company after paying fines.

Illegal Private Property Towing

As a driver or resident, it is important to also familiarize yourself with the towing laws. This will help protect you from instances of illegal towing. Illegal towing means that you legally parked your vehicle and you still find your car towed. Knowing your rights and how the regulations protect you will determine how just your case is going to be handled. You should be aware of the law protecting you, otherwise it makes it easy for the towing company to collude with the property owner. Protect yourself therefore by not only observing the regulations but also getting yourself familiar with your rights.